First Congregational United Church of Christ, Fort Pierce is a congregation that cares for one another and welcomes all who unite with us for worship, fellowship, and service. Our goal is to develop a caring and warm fellowship of those seeking to grow in their faith and service to Jesus Christ.
Join us for Worship, Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Returning to in-person worship ...

We are going to open for in person worship on June 7th. The guidelines we will be following are included with our summer newsletter. You can find a link to that newsletter below, posted on May 29.
This is a big step and we know that some of you might not feel comfortable being there yet. Pastor Reif will continue to have the sermon available on line if you feel safer participating in that manner. With that being said, we must remember that we are not through all of this yet, so we will be monitoring the situation. All of us hope that we will not have to close again in the future. Please pray for the leadership of your church during this time.

Always remember, the church is not the building, it is all of us. So be the church, check on one another, be kind, and wash your hands. God is and always will be with you.

What’s Going On …